Longway Sports

Longway Stunt Scooter

Our Longway Stunt Scooters are fully designed by riders for the riders using only high quality parts.

Light, strong and perfectly balanced for a great performance and riding experience.

Longway Fitness Trampoline

Our new Longway fitness trampoline will bring your body in perfect shape.

The new, patented handle system and best materials make it very strong, durable safe to use. 

Longway Miniboards


The new Longway LED Miniboards bring light into the darkness! Light´n Style is the motto. The stylish lightshow attracts a lot of attention and provides safety when it is getting dark.

Longway Longboards


Our Longway Longboards provide a great riding experience. High quality components make it rolling smooth, long lasting and safe to ride.

Longway Surfstep


The Longway Surfstep scooter is a real fitness machine and a full body workout. It combines a big wheeled scooter and a stepper. The air filled tires provide safety from impacts when riding over unevenesses.

Longway suspension Scooter


The Longway suspension scooter has an innovative and worldwide unique spring load system for the wheels. The new suspension system is very strong, adjustable to the riders weight and makes the scooter very comfortable to ride. 

Longway snowscoot


The Longway Snowscoot is made for professional use on the ski run or just for a fun ride. It is perfectly suited for rental shops in skiing areas. We choose only high quality material and components such as high-end snowboards for the best possible performance.

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