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Longway Scooters benefit from our long and deep background in the stunt scooter industry. We are the pioneers in this field as we started producing the first stunt scooters for one of the biggest brands.

The idea to make strong scooters was born when children started doing tricks on their cheap aluminum scooters many years ago. But these scooters with a folding system and weak parts were not made for doing tricks and heavy use, so they broke easily. 

Together with the first stunt scooter riders we developed strong and durable stunt scooter designs and launched a new kind of sport.

After many years, a long and successful cooperation with the biggest scooter brand at that time we decided to go our own way and launched  “Longway Scooters”.

We are the only brand in the whole stunt scooter market that has his own factory. We can decide directly and react immediately without depending on 3rdparties.  

Our customers benefit from our fast and smooth way to handle things directly without any additional step in between. We are very innovative and have many unique parts in the market (see our ARES lug bar for example, it is the only one of its kind in the whole world).

Our professional scooter factory is located in China. We produce complete scooters, components and other high class sport products. We handle everything from forging, cnc milling, heat treatment, welding and painting so we have the full control of each step and the final quality of each single product.

Our factory is very modern, clean and run by a highly motivated and professional organized production team of engineers, workers and managers. 


We have our own design department to make sure that the scooters are produced according the riders requirements and all specification are based on our customers demands. 

All our products are being tested and certified before being released to the market. All scooters and parts are tested heavily by riders, this is a very important detail. We always listen to the riders to keep improving permanently.


But we don’t only watch the quality and innovation of our products, we also care about our workers. After last years governmental inspections we got a high class environmental certification meanwhile thousands of factories where closed by the Chinese government. 

Our factory has high level air and water filtering systems to provide the most comfort and health to our colleagues and workers.


One last thing that separates us from other brands is that our company and factory is even BSCI certified. With this certification for fair treatment and safe working environment for our workers we are the forerunners in the stunt scooter industry

We are BSCI certified!

BSCI is an initiative open to retailers, importers and brands engaged ......

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CEO Longway Sports 
Göran Packwitz

CEO Longway Sports 
Timo Herrmann

CEO Longway Sports 
Tom Zhou


Longway Sports Ningbo 

Longway Sports Ningbo