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The true story behind of LONGWAY

First of all, we are NOT a rip off of anything, all patents belong to us and each scooter we sell is original.

Longway is a call to justice in the face of brands that only value their own interest before the rider’s. Instead of putting the effort in the show Longway puts a priority in the comfort and durability of its scooters. In order to focus on the riders and support the sport for real Longway makes a commitment to always deliver what any core stunt scooter riders would expect. 

Longway Sports is a high precision machinery factory for stunt scooter, rollerski and E-scooter since 2009. At its beginning when nowadays famous brands (District) where small we helped them to develop with many models in small quantity and put all our heart to provide great service, while when they became bigger and bigger, their payment term became worse and worst to the point that they did not even honor their payment term and each end of year owned a lot to our factory until it was payed by the next year and even after that, Marcel Osterveen the owner of District always threatened us by not paying money. 2014, was the hardest year, and District owned our factory 740’000 USD and kept on placing orders for which our factory prepared goods which could not even proceed to manufacture. 

The only logic result of the huge disaster caused by District: Longway was born to protect the factory and all the workers, their families and everyone who deserves getting paid for his efforts.

Because a factory is a combination of several factors and also has suppliers, workers and a team that has to work hard to sell its production, our previous history with Marcel pushed us to create our own brand which means we will be financially fit to bear the responsibility to people who trust us.

We have responsibility to all the riders out there who trust because we make only quality products so Longway values that responsibility and never gives it up. We always think of our partnership and transparency to everybody so as to be able to hear all of the feedback from the riders who like and buy our products out there.

Longway Sports
Neustr. 8 

27472 Cuxhaven

Phone: +49 4741 / 90 28 638
Fax: +49 4741 / 90 28 639

Mail: info@longway-sports.com

B2B Dealer: b2b@longway-sports.com

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